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       Products list
       - Clothes Hangers
       - Bathroom Accessaries
       - Layer Rack
       - Floor Clothes Hangers
       - Numbers & Letters
       - Mirrors
       - Outdoor Furnitures
       - Kitchen Ware
       - Glass hooks
       - 3M Adhesive

      ABOUT US

    GuangZhou HuaJian Hardware Products Co., Ltd

    Perfect experience and technology make us endlessly develop and produce various kinds of hardware things. Such as outdoor appliance, balneal products, garden tool and other house appliances, and so on. Especially, clothes hook is the best seller in the market. It is very meticulous that the process which design from product appearance design to producing and packing design in every chains, so every piece of product from HuaJian is like a perfect art. Our factory covers more than 9,000 square meters. We not only own numerous high-class professional, but also we have the most advance technology and 200 more sets of equipments. For example, Punches, Mimeographs, Lathes, Circuitousness wire machines and so on. All these years, we have been adopting advanced management and practicing strict system. And we dedicate ourselves with the development of the hardware things.

    Punctual delivery and best quality are our principle. The good reputation keep our feet in the society .As the lowest price and the best quality, we won preference and confidence from the clients.

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